Students participation

  • Institution encourages students to participate in research.
  • Students take part in ICMR Projects
  • As part of the curriculum, the PG students participate in research through their dissertation, UG students through project work and Faculty continue Research in thrust area of their work.

Infrastructure for Research

  • The college and the hospital have all the infra-structure for research in all the allied branches of Medicine.
  • The college is a postgraduate research center.
  • A good number of researches are done in all departments.
  • All the departments have advanced clinical facilities and good number of patients avail these services. In addition full time basic sciences in medical subjects coordinate these activities with the advanced facilities provided.
  • The college has a Central Research Laboratory.

Central Research Laboratory

  • A facility that provides centralized clinical research infrastructure to benefit investigators in multiple disciplines across RajaRajeswari Medical College and Hospital.
  • 2DE Electrophoresis Proteomics service ,Immunoassay analysis , Immunohistochemistry, Fluorescence microscopy
  • Cardiac autonomic neuropathy analysis ,Computerized Cardiopulmonary exercise Test , Digital Spirometer
  • Clinical trials , HPLC, High-performance liquid chromatography (sometimes referred to as high-pressure liquid chromatography),EEG/ENMG/EP

Research and Publication Output

Faculty Research 116
International publication 67
National publication 203
International presented 82
National Presented 136
Scientific sessions chaired international 37
Scientific sessions chaired national 94
Books and chapters authored 22
Conferences attended 1298
Conferences /workshops conducted 293
Extension Activities 138
Enrichment and value added courses 119
List of Approved Guides 48
List of on-going projects 271
List of projects completed in 95
List of problem based learning 240
List of journals subscribed 144
Dissertation Topic 130
Tutorials 429
Students Projects 97
Specialty Clinics 194
Journal Club 271

Best Practices in Research, Consultancy and Extension

Research committee , seed money, strong promotion for research ,central research unit with advanced researchers as faculty, wide consultancies in all departments in hospital as well in camps, vast publications, faculty research, full time extension officer intensive extension activities, unique collaborations for research of excellence, research methodology sessions are distinctive best practices.