Screen Time Before Sleep Can Effect Sleep

In the present times when screens are very much becoming an integral part of our routines lives and most of the day you are hooked to your laptop, computer or PC, here’s some news around effects of screen time just before sleeping.

Screen Time Before Sleep Can effect Sleep

Screen-time just before sleep leads to a bad nights sleep and leaves you groggy the next morning. We all know that blue light is bad for sleep already. But, screen time before sleep tends to affect your body clock as per a researcher. The body clocks natural cycles intimate us about sleep and waking up times. Also known as Circadian rhythms, they find help from the light of the day and night for keeping their internal body clock running over a 24 hour cycle.

The fact that the electronic gadgets are around us round the clock makes their use and hence exposure to blue light all the more evident. Now, the study was conducted over 19 subjects in their 20’s. Everyone had to spend around 2 hours before bed time on computer screens. The results obviously varied between students because the computer screens were not all the same. The were tweaked. Some screens emitted soft blue light, while some emitted intense blue. Some of them emitted intense red and some soft red as well. This was done to check the effect of each one. Even after the subjects went off to sleep, the researchers recorded how many of them work up and how many of them slept all through the night. Further the researchers also note down the sleep phase called REM (short for rapid eye movement) and even asked the subjects themselves about their sleep experience.

The researchers observed that the subjects who were exposed to intense blue light suffered sleep issues for around 16 minutes as compared to the ones who were exposed to red light. They even woke up through the night more often than the red light exposed subjects. The researchers observed that the blue light emissions from the computer effected melatonin, the sleep hormone of each subject. This hormone is responsible for making us sleepy and is secreted around 9 pm in the blood. Now, the blue light restricted the melatonin secretion and hence the subjects exposed to intense blue light felt alert to fall asleep even if they were tired. Those exposed to red light did not find any such issues.

Well, the researchers through this study brought forward the fact that the intense blue light emissions from computer screens just before sleep time does affect the body clock. Though the light used for the study was extremely bright that generally the TV or tablet or computer emits, there is no cent percent surety of the damage it causes.

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Nose and Emotions – The Inter Relationship

Nose and Emotions - The Inter Relationship

Now, here is some news related to the ability to expressing emotions. A study has found that the rare condition experience by 10% of the healthy population called alexithymia leads to difficulty in understanding emotions, talking or relating to them or even expressing them.

The researching scientists adopted a completely untested approach of study which included testing 62 individuals divided into categories based of severity of alexithymia as low, medium and high. The testing was known as olfactory tests and were carried out to find out their reactions on different kinds of stimulation.

The scientists were also explained the reason behind using the olfactory test’s suitability in studying this psychological conditions. According to them, between the areas in the brain there is a partial develop that deals with olfactory perception besides with those that are into processing emotions.

One of the important finding of the test were that scientists found the alexithymic patients react differently than others when it comes to smells. Apparently, its a result of their psychological parameters like accelarated heart rate or electrical skin conductivity. Additionally, the scientists also observed difference in reactions in subjects suffering from affective alexithymia and effective alexithymia wherein the areas of imagination, sensation and creativity are restricted compared to subjects with congnitive alexithymia, wherein identification, expression and distinguishing ability is compromised.

The results clearly stated that altered psychological response to olfactory stimuli is one of the characteristics of alexithymia. The test also brought to light an interesting fact that The psychological reactions of individuals suffering from alexithymic conditions to smell induced emotions are apparently more intense, contradicting general expectations on the same.

A significant observation as it may be and counter intuitive too, subjects with alexithymia become insensitive to difference, changes or color shades that are said to enrich our routine lives scientifically due to the situation of extreme perpetual activation with respect to emotions, they are said to be in.

Well, now you know how nose and emotions are interconnected or interdependent for that matter.

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Personalities and Types – A Bird Eye View

The world is full of a different individuals with different personalities. But, ever thought about how many types of personalities is the world divided into. If not then let me tell you that there are people in the world who have been curious to find this out and have done work on it long long ago. Here are some excerpts from their findings.

Carl G Jung is the one whose indent curiosity led to finding about personality types as per the following –
Introverted or Extroverted
Sensing vs Intuition
Thinking vs Feeling

Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging

Jung’s area of preferences are dichotomes viz bioplan dimensions wherein every pole represents a distinct preference. Jung did state that one of the aforementioned four functions are present in a person be it judging or perception. Further more one of the researchers called Brigs Myers proposed a fourth dichotomy as Judging vs

Perceiving. According to her the personality criterians are as follows -

1. Extravert – Introvert – It symbolizes a person’s energy expression’s source and direction. While people having their energy directed towards their own internal world are called introverts, people with their energy directed towards the external world are called extroverts.

2. Sensing – Intuition – It symbolizes how someone perceives information. Sensing represents a person who believes in information obtained for the real or external world while intuition represents

3. Thinking – Feeling – It depicts how people process information. They either do it based on logic viz thinking or based on what they feel like doing about it.

4. Judging – Perceiving – It represents the implementation of the received information after processing it. Judging is when a person will organize all life events and will stick to all the plans. Perceiving is more about exploring alternatives and improvising on existing ones.

The above four dichotomies are said to yeild 16 different personality combinations or types wherein it represents either of the two poles in each dichotomy of the four dominated in a person, thus deriving 16 separate personality types. To study more about the personalities or denote personality types often every type is assigned a 4 letter acronym. For example

ISTJ – It means Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging
ENFP – It means extroverted, intuitive, feeling, Perceiving

Similarly the other fourteen are derived.

How Do Deal With The Headache Called Dandruff

Dandruff is a common condition amongst us and yes it is a headache of sorts when its about dealing with this devil of a kind called dandruff. Primarily, it keeps coming back and secondarily it many times becomes difficult find an ultimate solution to the problem, causing headache. So, let us discuss out a reliable solution that can really cure our headache of dandruff and help us manage it well.

How Do Deal With The Headache Called Dandruff

Dandruff or Flaky Scalp – Now, many of us are not able to figure out what we have actually got on our heads, is it dandruff or a flaky scalp. Dandruff occurs after an overreaction of yeast resulting into excess production of oil. As a result you experience irritation and get visible waxy and oily flakes. Besides, even skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis can also cause flaky scalps. Everyday stress, aging and an improper diet is also responsible for flakiness in the scalp.

Actually, to figure out how do deal with dandruff or a flaky scalp you need to visit a dermatologist first and get diagnosed. The remedies would depend on the condition and the severity. Here are some tips on getting rid of flakiness in scalp.

Tea Tree Oil – We all know that tea tree oil is used in many skin related products and health foods due to its vitamin content and use as an astringent on skin. It also works well in providing relief against oil and itchiness.

Balanced Diet – Many a times nutrient deficiences lead to scalp issues. These deficiences are caused to do an improper diet schedule. If you are consuming high amount of trans and saturated fats, its high time your do away with it or atleast reduce it to a bare minimum because they are the ones that trigger your sebaceous glands to produce more oil. Foods like avocados, safflower oil, olives and nuts are very good for your scalp health.

Stress Relief – Dandruff has also caused due to severe stress. Stress tends to weaken you immune system and the body is not able to fight the dandruff attack. According to some experts stress could also cause an itchy dandruff cycle which keeps on aggravating as you keep on scratching. Therefore, it is advisable to work on solutions or remedies that help reduce stress levels. Some of these include walking, jogging, exercise, yoga, meditation or pursuing a hobby regularly.

Using Appropriate Shampoo – Buying shampoos just watching ads and trying one after the other is okay but its also better that you try to find out the ingredients inside the shampoo which are usually mentioned on pack. The three main ingredients to look for in an anti-dandruff or scalp care shampoo is ketoconazole which helps reduce scalp yeast, selenium sulphide or zince pyrithione which helps reduce inflammation and certain bacterias besides yeast and salicylic acid, which helps in exfoliaton of scales.

Steriods – Your deramtologist could prescribe your certain relevant topical steriods for reducing scalp inflammation

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Life of Medical Student – Awesome or Not?

Though medical students have a routine they follow when in college and it is mostly fixed by the college, life can differ from one individual from other. There are myths and beliefs around medicine as a course and the labor and toiling that it involves around the 5 years duration of the course. Yes, off course the course involves hard work for continuous five years and a lot of study as well. But, it does come with a lot of benefits and sweet afters as well. So, here is a run down how a medical students life can be awesome even if he or she has to lose their mind for cracking the course.

Life of Medical Student

The Busy Bee Boon – Yes, a medical students routine is all packed through the day right from the morning till the evening and includes early theory lectures, dissection, hospital visits, case presentation and more through out the day. Apparently, medical students many a times run out of time to study for their theory exams at the end of the year. But, still its a boon because it rarely gives to time to think about anything else. Remember, the saying an idle mind is a devils workshop and doctors are too busy to be idle.

You’ll Definitely make Cool Friends – At the medical campus, you are going to find many smart heads and many of your wavelength. Over a period of time you’ll not only love discussing out the subject matter with them but develop many friendships that might as well last for a lifetime time. This is not just awesome but the most invaluable part or rather gift of your medical education.

No Job Worries – Like any other routine degree course graduate, you don’t need to hunt for a job. Most of the jobs will slip in like butter without much ado. What more an internship is also going to pay you big bucks, and a job definitely a fortune in years to come. So, that’s a pretty good reason to feel awesome about doing a medical course ain’t it.

Learn stuff that not many get too – Your body is beautiful and what better than exploring every part of your body and gaining knowledge about your body which you rarely did. At the end of the course you will be an enriched person with knowledge about functioning of all the organs of the body and much more.

Serve the Society – By the time you enter your college and your hospital sessions begin you come to know that at the end of the day your are going to serve the society and be responsible for the smiles and frowns on the faces of people, while to try and work to turn frowns into smiles all the while. The feeling of doing something good for the society in itself makes one feel at the top of the world and you as a doctor are going to do it day in and day out and that above all is the best part of being a doctor or taking up medicine as career however hard or toiling or laborious it is going to be.

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