Child Abuse – What measures need to be taken to protect children?

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rrmch Staff asked 8 months ago

People are trying to come to terms about this extremely grave issue called Child
Abuse slowly now and even to the fact that both the genders are at
almost equal risk of it, be it boys or girls.  A study has found
startling facts about the level of exploitation children in India
undergo be is physical, sexual or emotional.

Every second child in India has been crushed by the gory clutches of
Child abuse.
98% of the perpetrators of child abuse in India have been relatives or
known people.

Furthermore, child abuse is spread across all walks of the society from
the lower income groups to the highly effluent groups as well.  Though,
the children to be affected badly are that of the lower income and
middle income groups. Most of the victims never brought it up before
their parents or elders and even the elders have rarely been able to
sense or smell something like this around their children.  The Indian
states that have reported the highest number of child abuse cases
include Bihar, Assam, Andhra Pradesh and Delhi. But, that does not mean,
other states are free from this gross self respect shattering issue.

According to you, what measures can be taken to educate children about
child abuse and more importantly how effectively can we help children
implement the precautionary measures and report  suspectful behavior,
violence, mental trauma somehow?

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Sneha Naik answered 5 months ago

Child abuse is a growing concern and the some measures can be taken to mitigate this problem : °Teaching children the importance of education and literacy.  °Conducting awareness programmes in rural areas about the harms in child labour .  °Conducting sex education classes in schools to prevent sexual and emotional abuse. 

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RRMCH answered 2 months ago

Absolutely correct, when they are trapped in darkness, no one can hear them. It is better to make them realise before they become the pray. As you have expressed; conducting awareness programs in rural areas and even in urban areas too. Its often the desperation of poverty that sees children being trafficked into sexual exploitation. Through educating poor communities about trafficking and helping them to establish small business. We should give at-risk communities a hand-up, not a hand out.

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