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rrmch Staff asked 1 year ago

Childhood Obesity – Cause for Concern

Morning – Sugar and chocolate based Breakfast

Afternoon- Burgers, Snacks, Anything with lots of Cheese, Cool drinks, Ice creams

Evening – Pizza with aerated drinks, lot of junk thrown in between

Now a days this seems to be the pattern of the eating habits of our children, especially urban based children. Going by the recent figures, it can be factually stated that Childhood Obesity is catching up like wild fire across borders. It has already reached epidemic proportions in some developed countries and there is no denying that developing countries are also experiencing it now.

With the rise in the number of both parents working and the careers being time and energy demanding, the parents are unable to monitor the food taken by their children at home.

The children especially in the age group of 6 yrs to 14 yrs are those who are bearing the brunt of this. Earlier what was perceived to be the tale of developed countries like America and Europe, has now spread across the developing countries like India with more and more children being caught in the claws of childhood obesity.

What should the parents do? Is it a regular feature in Nuclear families or is prevalent everywhere? Are the working parents guilty of providing unrestricted freedom to the children? Is it happening in the affluent households?

We welcome your views.

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strobelamy answered 2 weeks ago

Yes you are correct. Most of parents cannot to take more care with their children about their taken foods and learning etc. The career is based on learning and health is very important for all children. The developing countries are getting some of stress for earning more money for living with all sophisticated life and given all facilities to their children also. The writer can monitor for the children care and parents get aware also for this post. It is really nice and thanks for taken as main. I am also getting same for my children. Get more my articles from custom essay writing service

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