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Chairman’s Open Letter-1

  • 21
  • May

Chairman’s Open Letter-1

Dear parents and students,

Esteemed Greetings. The coming three months are crucial for you all as the exams are approaching fast. Being an educationist and a parent myself, I can completely empathize with the parents and students in recognizing the confusion, chaos and the uncertainty concerning the choices. Hence, I felt it is important to communicate with you through this medium, now.

Today’s competitive, fast paced life leave the students stressed, especially during the exam time. Working parents don’t get enough time to have quality conversation with their children. This may make them feel more alienated and as a result, their studies can be affected. Researches show that lack of communication between parents and children make children nervous to face competitive situations in life, like exams. To give an anti- dote to the stress, I would like to suggest all parents and teachers to reward the students for their efforts to study hard than the results they bring, as it motivates and encourages them to reach newer heights.

Dear Parents, resist the urge to make comparisons between children because comparison will make them feel inadequate and incompetent. As a result of this, their stress levels may shoot up and that will hinder their natural ability to learn. Being a parent is a demanding task, but it also attributes to play a rewarding role. Help your child to face the exams in a better shape of mind by building their confidence, helping them to think laterally, planning their study structure and finally just by being there for your child as a moral support.

Dear parents and students, I am very excited at this opportunity of sharing my thoughts and concerns with you all. I would like to invite your comments and suggestions. You can reach me at

Last, but not the least, dear students of RajaRajeswari Medical College and Hospital, I take this opportunity to wish you all great success in your exams and do take good care of yourselves.

Dr A.C Shanmugam
Date- 21-05-18