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Eligibility For University Examination | Students

To be eligible for appearing University examination a candidate:

  1. Shall have undergone satisfactorily the approved course of study in the subjects for the prescribed duration.
  2. Shall have attended at least 75% of the total number of classes in theory and Practicals / Clinicals.
  3. Shall secure at least 35% of total marks fixed for Internal Assessment in a particular subject.
  4. Shall fulfill any other requirement that may be prescribed by the University from time to time.
  5. Who fail in any subjects of MBBS Phase I has to put up one academic term before he/she becomes eligible to appear for the next examination.
  6. Shall pass in all the Phase I (pre clinical) subjects before joining the Phase II (Para clinical) subjects.
  7. Who fails in the Phase II examination shall not be allowed to appear in Part I of III phase examination.

Phase I (MBBS)
At the end of 12 months from the last day of admission (Anatomy, Physiology & Biochemistry)

Phase II (II MBBS)
At the end of 18 months after I MBBS (Pharmacology, Pathology Microbiology, Forensic Medicine)

Phase III (Part I)
At the end of 12 months after II MBBS (Community Medicine, ENT, Ophthalmology)

Phase III (Part II)
At the end of 12 months afterPhase III, Part I (Medicine, Surgery, OBG, Orthopedics & Paediatrics)