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Urogynecology Live surgical workshop

Urogynecology is a specialized field dealing with women’s urinary and pelvic floor problems.
One third of Indian women suffer from urogynecological problems like stress urinary incontinence (leaking of urine when coughing, sneezing, or other activities), urgency and urgency incontinence (uncontrolled desire to pass urine which sometimes results in leaking of urine), prolapse of uterus and vagina (feeling of a bulge or mass at the vagina), incontinence to stools and flatus, feeling of looseness around the vagina, and other pelvic problems. Most women do not report these problems to doctors because of embarrassment and the idea that there are no treatments to these problems.

The fact is, all these pelvic problems can be cured in most cases and in some cases can be controlled with a comprehensive approach involving surgical operations, medicines, and various exercises designed strengthen pelvic floor.

Some of the above mentioned urinary problems like leaking of urine cause social embarrassment and, because of this women avoid discussing this problem openly. Leaking of urine without control is called “urinary incontinence”. Urinary incontinence severely affects a woman’s quality of life by interfering with her daily activities. Many women avoid going to social gatherings for the fear of urine leak and some women totally confine themselves in home. It is common for the woman to avoid long journeys without toilet facility.

It is unfortunate that despite the availability of effective and safe treatments most women do not seek professional help. Now we have very effective, safe and simple treatment methods for most of these urinary problems. Leak of urine on coughing or sneezing is called “Stress urinary incontinence” and this problem can be effectively solved by simple day care surgical procedure called tension free sling surgery. This procedure involves placing a small synthetic sling under the urethra, and takes about 10-15 minutes time. This is day care surgery meaning that the patient can return home on the same day.

Another common problem that affects women in middle and old age is Vaginal or uterus prolapse. In this condition a woman feels sensation of something bulging in the vagina or outside the vagina. Again this problem can severely impair quality of life of women by affecting her sexual life. Many treatment options are available for Uterus or vaginal prolapse including the use of surgical meshes. This condition is completely curable by surgery.

Urogyn 2014 is a live surgical workshop organized with the intention of promoting awareness, improve clinical knowledge and enhance surgical skills in the field of urogynecology, among Gynecologists and Urologists. Gynecologists and Urologists from all over the state are expected to attend the conference.

The field of urogynecology has advanced by leaps and bounds in the past decade and what were once thought of as incurable diseases can be effectively managed now. Urinary incontinence is no longer a disease that the woman has to suffer for life. We are now living in an age where quality of life matters above everything. We cannot allow urinary problems to compromise quality of life of women.

The work shop was a huge success with very clear audio and video presentation with the use high definition cameras and equipment.