Lower Back Pain vs Kidney Pain – The Difference

Many of us fail to figure out the difference when we experience pain particularly when its either kidney or lower back pain. So, to begin get down to the definition of lower back pain and kidney pain.

It’s called lower back pain when it occurs anywhere from the buttocks upto the lower back. While kidney pain is said to occur between the hips or flanks and the ribs. At times you may experience it in the upper abdominal region as well. Well, this is the basic difference in back pain and kidney pain but otherwise also there are many other difference that can help you figure out which kind of pain you are suffering from. Here’s a sneak peek into a few other differences between kidney pain and lower back pain.


Kidney Pain
Kidney pain is the result of a kidney infection or a kidney stone usually. Kidney infection can cause mild pain but kidney stone pain is very severe in nature and often compared to labor pain.

The causes of kidney pain include kidney infection and kidney stones as mentioned before besides the pain could also be a result of renal infarction, kidney cancer and glomerulonephritis.

Lower Back Pain
Lower back pain is further divided as acute pain and chronic pain. While acute pain lasts for around 4 to 12 weeks, chronic back pain can easily last over 12 weeks. Also known as lumbago it affects people of all age groups.

Lower back pain is a result of muscle sprain, spasm or tear leading to disc bulge or herniation, spinal stenosis, osteoporosis or sciatica. It could also be due to vertebral body, pedicle fracture or fracture of lamina. It can be caused due to Paravertebral muscle spasm or metastatic vertebral cancer.

Pain Management
Kidney Pain – Kidney pain treatment depends of its causes and usually involves use of antibiotics and medications if its infection but in case of kidney stones if that does not work a laser surgery or a minimally invasive surgery could be carried out.

Back Pain – For relief against lower back pain issues treatment could include suitable therapies like heat and cold, physical and massage therapies to name a few. In case with complications based on the diagnosis surgical procedures might be advised.

Well, its always advisable to visit your doctor if you suffer from back pain in order to figure out the root cause of the problem, be it kidney or lower back.

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Gallbladder Sludge – An Overview

Gall Bladder, a small organ inside our body but none the less is equally important as it has a unique function to perform just like every other organ. Gall bladder is responsible for acting as a reservoir for the bile, collecting it, concentrating it and emptying it into the bile duct. The bile duct further takes it to the small intestine for digestion.
The sludge in the gallbladder is known as biliary sludge and is also considered as microscopic form of gallstones. This sludge is generally made up of cholestrol and other particles as well as calcium and sodium crystals.

Gallbladder Sludge

People suffering from this conditions have symptoms like bloating, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, indigestion, sweating to name a few. Initially the symptoms are mild but with time they start getting worse. Eventually, it could lead to gall bladder stones as well.

Risk Factors / Causes
The triggers of gall bladder sludge include fasting, certain medications, drug abuse, diet high in cholestrol, pregnancy and alcohol addictions. Even attempting a crash diet to go slim can result into gall bladder sludge as with little or no food intake the bile excretion decreases thus retaining the minimal bile in the bladder leading to sludge.

Symptoms as mentioned before include severe abdominal pain in the upper right side of the body.

If gall bladder sludge is diagnosed, doctors do suggest ursodoil, to help break down the protiens if any in the bile. Drinking a lot of water helps in removal of sludge naturally. But, if that does not work then the gall bladder stone needs to be removed from the body.

Drinking plenty of water, intake flax seed oil, vitamin C and avoid food with high cholestrol contents.

Well, gall bladder stones can be removed easily with minimally invasive surgeries but its important to seek doctors advice if your symptoms match the above.

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Medicine As a Career in India

Indian parents have been long obsessed with this career stream and yes no marks for guess that right… its medical offcourse. Though, times are changing, but the attraction for medicine hasn’t faded as yet with parents only because of the surefire career that it is. But, over the years there are a lot of choices that are available around the medicine field apart from MBBS. So, students who aren’t able to crack the NEET can try to opt for some related courses that include BDS, Physiotherapy, Phsychiatry, Pharmacy and more. So, as per your area of interest you may choose a course. One major advantage of NEET being brought into effect is that intelligent students coming from lower income groups can try to get entry into medical without paying hefty donations to colleges.

Medicine As a Career in India

In case you opt for MBBS, a masters is always a good idea considering future growth. You could either opt for a MD or MS. Though being a surgeon isnt a cake walk and invovles daily encounters with patients fighting for their lives. Its a great responshibility to shoulder and a time costing too.

As a surgeon or a masters degree holder you need to be available to your patients anytime. It could be in the wee hours of the night as well. So, its quite a stressful and hectic work schedule that you’ll have to manage. But, the perks include immense work satisfaction with successful medical procedures and blessing from families. If surgery is not your cup of tea then you might as well opt for MD in areas like radiology, anaesthesiology, paediatrics, forensic medicine and more.

Well, if not MBBS than the option of Physiotherapy, BDS, Ayurvedic medicine, Homeopathy, Veterinary and Pharmacy are definitely some of the good choices around medicine. A masters degree with these streams can offer rewarding career prospects.

Coming down to the bottom line, medical education does blow a hole into your pocket and for students coming from middle income and lower income groups, its not an easy way ahead. But, with the help of student loans, you may as well manage to realize your medical education dreams. Though, it is important to have indepth information on the student loan interest, payback procedure and time for repayment in detail, needs to be known particularly when you are planning to pursue higher education abroad.

Medical is undoubtedly a lucrative career but having said that it does come with its own cons which need to be considered before taking a plunge into it.

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Death Penalty in India – 81% Rise in 2016

With the crime rate increasing day by day in maniifolds, there is little choice left with the justice courts in India but to award death sentences to set solid examples of intolerence against crimes particularly heinous ones like rape and murder of innocent children and females. A report released by Amnesty internal shows that in 2016 around 175 death sentences were awarded in India as compared to 75 in 2015. These sentences have been awarded for mainly murder related crimes. Though executions of the death sentences allocated in 2016 wasn’t carried out in that year, there were 400 prisoners already in pipeline for execution. India also imposes death penalties on hijacking that involves death of hostages, anyone involved in the offense or security personnel. It is also amongst the few countries to impose death sentences in drug related crimes.

On the other hand Amnesty’s report shows a considerable drop in death sentences across the world and even in our neighboring country Pakistan records 73% decreases in death sentences in 2016 with 360 executions. Amnesty International reported that in total 1032 criminals were executed for various crimes across 23 countries in the world in 2016 against 1634 across 25 countries in 2015. So, again even globally there was a dip in the death sentence imposition. The most number of executions took place in China followed by Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Pakistan. But, the number of executions carried out China is not know because as per the country’s policy that data is kept secret.

Besides Pakistan, India’s other two neighbors namely Bangladesh and Srilanka executed 245 and 79. The one country that is out of the list of the biggest executioners is USA, which listed 7th in 2016 with only 20 executions, its lowest since 1991.

Having said this, there have been immense efforts for abolishing the law of capital punishments, even though these punishments have been inforce since times unknown. There are many countries in the world which have abolished this law from their justice system as well. This includes the very pioneers namely Michigan, the first to initiate this abolishing followed by Venezuela and Portugal that too ages back in 1867. As on day around 102 countries of the world still practice have completely abolished this punishment while 58 countries still practice it

5 Supplements Women Need After 30

Many a times, lost in responsibilities around office or home, family or kids women forget about personal health or keep ignoring them. Till women are in the twenties, body is younger and fitter and hence copes in a better way. But, post 30 as you are nearly knocking door of your middle age, is when you really need to look into your bodily needs.
After 30 there are a lot of changes that occur in a women’s body and are more visible after 35 years of age. These include changes in menstrual cycles, urinary incontinence, fibroids, pregnancy difficulties, prominent signs of aging, slow metabolism, but to name a few.

5 Supplements Women Need After 30As per experts and specialists supplements can work well in maintaining the balance of nutrients required by the body.

Vitamin D
Vitamin D as we all know helps in a lot of ways that include immunity building, genes regulation, cancer prevention, bone health and more. The best, easy and affordable source of Vitamin D is sunlight. Sitting in the sunlight with minimal clothing for an hour can work well for your body. If not than Vitamin D supplements is the alternative.

Anti- Oxidants
It is in the mid or late thirties that women start noticing fine lines as well as thinning of skin. But, this process of aging can be slowed down with the help for a few minerals and vitamins together known as anti-oxidants. In order to boost immunity besides slowing aging women need to take in atleast 15 mg of Vitamin E. Further taking in 75 mg of Vitman C, which facilitates in vitamin E absorption and Vitamin A for protection against sun damage and eye

Omega 3 fatty acids/ fish oil
As per doctors, our body needs 3 gms of omega 3 fatty acids per day. These help in keeping our joints health, weight management, keeping our blood fats normal and optimizing brain function. As these are essential fats and our body cannot make them taking mercury free supplements are advisable.

Calcium, Magnesium & Iron
Calcium and magnesium help in bone building as well as producing energy and for better nerve functioning. Iron is also an essential nutrient responsible for keeping you active and protecting against infections as well as maintaining body temperature. As per experts our body requires about 18 mg per day. Though a pregnant and nursing women requires 27 mg and 9 mg per day respectively. Vitamin C and A help a lot in iron absorption.

As a busy woman, you might be occupied with umpteen activities around house, kids and family but its your health that equally matters so do take care of your health as well.

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Artificial Limbs That Respond To Thoughts – A Reality That Costs A Fortune

Over the years, scientists have been working on prosthetic limbs that can respond to human thoughts. These projects have been heavily funded by many organizations and defense agencies across the world. A significant development in the direction has now led to the creation of the first ever prosthetic limb that responds to human thoughts much like a real limb.

Artificial Limbs That Respond To Thoughts

Earlier, there was news about creation of prosthetic limbs that respond to thoughts but their movement was quite limited and hence, people in need either abandoned them or never preferred to use them. But, as per the doctor of Imperial college London, the new approach which shifts their focus from the muscles to the nervous system has helped them create a limb that responds to thoughts effectively.

According to him, their technology helps them detect and decode the signals clearly. The experiments and testing have been carried out with amputee volunteers and after physiotherapy they have been able to make more extensive movements.

Today, a lot of research scientists are already working and testing bionic arms. There is already and alternative of using brain implants available. But, the benefit of using the nerve from the spine is the compatibility factor, making it usable with existing prosthetic arms that too wire free linking from the brain, as per the researchers at Imperial College of London.

Another example is that of a thought controlled prosthetic being developed at the John Hopkins University, USA. It is being tested on a 50 plus amputee who lost his limbs in an electrical accident as a teenager. It is yet to be clinically tested and find a place in the market. The limbs are called Modular Prosthetic Limbs or MPL and the customer socket inside brain can pick up brain signals that control the arms. Thus, just by thinking the amputee is able to move the limb or limbs. To do the same, the amputee had to undergo a surgery for remapping the remaining nerves of his/her missing arms so that the brain could send signals to the prosthetic. As per the chief engineer at John Hopkins, with the remapping growing deeper, the working will better because of the over 100 sensors fitted in the arm. Another advantage of MPL being its modular design. This design helps in creating prosthetic limbs customized as per individual requirements.

Having said that, as on day MPL costs a bomb, as much as a Maserati car to be precise. Well, scientists are yet to work on a budget prosthetic, affordable to people in need. experts at John Hopkins are also working on creating caps that send signals about brain activity to the robotic arm. As for the market availability, they do hope to make the MPL available to the consumers within a few years.