Personalities and Types – A Bird Eye View

The world is full of a different individuals with different personalities. But, ever thought about how many types of personalities is the world divided into. If not then let me tell you that there are people in the world who have been curious to find this out and have done work on it long long ago. Here are some excerpts from their findings.

Carl G Jung is the one whose indent curiosity led to finding about personality types as per the following –
Introverted or Extroverted
Sensing vs Intuition
Thinking vs Feeling

Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging

Jung’s area of preferences are dichotomes viz bioplan dimensions wherein every pole represents a distinct preference. Jung did state that one of the aforementioned four functions are present in a person be it judging or perception. Further more one of the researchers called Brigs Myers proposed a fourth dichotomy as Judging vs

Perceiving. According to her the personality criterians are as follows –

1. Extravert – Introvert – It symbolizes a person’s energy expression’s source and direction. While people having their energy directed towards their own internal world are called introverts, people with their energy directed towards the external world are called extroverts.

2. Sensing – Intuition – It symbolizes how someone perceives information. Sensing represents a person who believes in information obtained for the real or external world while intuition represents

3. Thinking – Feeling – It depicts how people process information. They either do it based on logic viz thinking or based on what they feel like doing about it.

4. Judging – Perceiving – It represents the implementation of the received information after processing it. Judging is when a person will organize all life events and will stick to all the plans. Perceiving is more about exploring alternatives and improvising on existing ones.

The above four dichotomies are said to yeild 16 different personality combinations or types wherein it represents either of the two poles in each dichotomy of the four dominated in a person, thus deriving 16 separate personality types. To study more about the personalities or denote personality types often every type is assigned a 4 letter acronym. For example

ISTJ – It means Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging
ENFP – It means extroverted, intuitive, feeling, Perceiving

Similarly the other fourteen are derived.

How Do Deal With The Headache Called Dandruff

Dandruff is a common condition amongst us and yes it is a headache of sorts when its about dealing with this devil of a kind called dandruff. Primarily, it keeps coming back and secondarily it many times becomes difficult find an ultimate solution to the problem, causing headache. So, let us discuss out a reliable solution that can really cure our headache of dandruff and help us manage it well.

How Do Deal With The Headache Called Dandruff

Dandruff or Flaky Scalp – Now, many of us are not able to figure out what we have actually got on our heads, is it dandruff or a flaky scalp. Dandruff occurs after an overreaction of yeast resulting into excess production of oil. As a result you experience irritation and get visible waxy and oily flakes. Besides, even skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis can also cause flaky scalps. Everyday stress, aging and an improper diet is also responsible for flakiness in the scalp.

Actually, to figure out how do deal with dandruff or a flaky scalp you need to visit a dermatologist first and get diagnosed. The remedies would depend on the condition and the severity. Here are some tips on getting rid of flakiness in scalp.

Tea Tree Oil – We all know that tea tree oil is used in many skin related products and health foods due to its vitamin content and use as an astringent on skin. It also works well in providing relief against oil and itchiness.

Balanced Diet – Many a times nutrient deficiences lead to scalp issues. These deficiences are caused to do an improper diet schedule. If you are consuming high amount of trans and saturated fats, its high time your do away with it or atleast reduce it to a bare minimum because they are the ones that trigger your sebaceous glands to produce more oil. Foods like avocados, safflower oil, olives and nuts are very good for your scalp health.

Stress Relief – Dandruff has also caused due to severe stress. Stress tends to weaken you immune system and the body is not able to fight the dandruff attack. According to some experts stress could also cause an itchy dandruff cycle which keeps on aggravating as you keep on scratching. Therefore, it is advisable to work on solutions or remedies that help reduce stress levels. Some of these include walking, jogging, exercise, yoga, meditation or pursuing a hobby regularly.

Using Appropriate Shampoo – Buying shampoos just watching ads and trying one after the other is okay but its also better that you try to find out the ingredients inside the shampoo which are usually mentioned on pack. The three main ingredients to look for in an anti-dandruff or scalp care shampoo is ketoconazole which helps reduce scalp yeast, selenium sulphide or zince pyrithione which helps reduce inflammation and certain bacterias besides yeast and salicylic acid, which helps in exfoliaton of scales.

Steriods – Your deramtologist could prescribe your certain relevant topical steriods for reducing scalp inflammation

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Life of Medical Student – Awesome or Not?

Though medical students have a routine they follow when in college and it is mostly fixed by the college, life can differ from one individual from other. There are myths and beliefs around medicine as a course and the labor and toiling that it involves around the 5 years duration of the course. Yes, off course the course involves hard work for continuous five years and a lot of study as well. But, it does come with a lot of benefits and sweet afters as well. So, here is a run down how a medical students life can be awesome even if he or she has to lose their mind for cracking the course.

Life of Medical Student

The Busy Bee Boon – Yes, a medical students routine is all packed through the day right from the morning till the evening and includes early theory lectures, dissection, hospital visits, case presentation and more through out the day. Apparently, medical students many a times run out of time to study for their theory exams at the end of the year. But, still its a boon because it rarely gives to time to think about anything else. Remember, the saying an idle mind is a devils workshop and doctors are too busy to be idle.

You’ll Definitely make Cool Friends – At the medical campus, you are going to find many smart heads and many of your wavelength. Over a period of time you’ll not only love discussing out the subject matter with them but develop many friendships that might as well last for a lifetime time. This is not just awesome but the most invaluable part or rather gift of your medical education.

No Job Worries – Like any other routine degree course graduate, you don’t need to hunt for a job. Most of the jobs will slip in like butter without much ado. What more an internship is also going to pay you big bucks, and a job definitely a fortune in years to come. So, that’s a pretty good reason to feel awesome about doing a medical course ain’t it.

Learn stuff that not many get too – Your body is beautiful and what better than exploring every part of your body and gaining knowledge about your body which you rarely did. At the end of the course you will be an enriched person with knowledge about functioning of all the organs of the body and much more.

Serve the Society – By the time you enter your college and your hospital sessions begin you come to know that at the end of the day your are going to serve the society and be responsible for the smiles and frowns on the faces of people, while to try and work to turn frowns into smiles all the while. The feeling of doing something good for the society in itself makes one feel at the top of the world and you as a doctor are going to do it day in and day out and that above all is the best part of being a doctor or taking up medicine as career however hard or toiling or laborious it is going to be.

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Dementia Risk and Blood Magnesium Levels

Before we talk about risk factors associated with dementia lets just polish our information around the condition. This condition usually occurs at an older age and causes memory loss. Alzheimers is one of the most common forms of dementia known. Apparently, its not a condition by a symptoms or group of symptoms rather. You should also know that it does hamper our day to day routines because we tend to forget a lot. Dementia symptoms are also caused due to vitamin deficiencies and thyroid problems. Dementia occurs due to brain cell damage and most of them are generally permanent or increase with time.

Dementia Risk and Blood Magnesium Levels

Now, a study has found out that the levels of magnesium in your blood can associated to the risk of dementia later in life. The people with lower or higher levels of minerals in the body were subject to dementia more compared to the ones with middle levels. It has yet to be proved and nowhere confirm that it causes dementia but definitely magnesium levels do have a link with dementia. There are apparently two ways in which magnesium levels could be called as risk factor for dementia.

Coming back to the study, around 10,000 participant around 65 years of age were studied across 8 years span and their magnesium levels were checked at the beginning of the test. They were divided in 5 groups. The study findings showed that those with low and high level magnesium had 30% greater risk of dementia compared to mid level magnesium level participants. The lower and higher magnesium range is below 0.85 millimoles per liter and 1.10 mmol/L respectively. Though as the magnesium levels were not measure post eight years the results could have associated limitations.

Well, to prove that magnesium levels do determine the risk of dementia in later stages of life, further detailed study is required.

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Tatoo Ink and Side Effects – A Short Review

Tatoo Ink and Side Effects

Before we get to the question that whether tatoo ink is harmful to the body or not just quickly understand the process through with tatooing is carried out. The tatoo artist, to make a permanent tatoo uses hundreds of needles for pricking into the skin and delivering ink into the dermis. Now, dermis as well know lies below the epidermis layer of skin and consists of nerves and blood vessels. Yes, its obviously painful and to make a tatoo isn’t less than an act of bravery for many. The point in question is that many of us really wish to have permanent tatoos and many of us may already have had one but rarely anyone of us has ever thought about the side effect of inking at all.

But, we do have a few curious heads called researchers and scientists who are apparently trying to figure out whether this tatoo ink is harmful or not. Now, research findings show that once the ink is delivered by the tatoo artist inside the dermis, it moves to the lymphatic system through the blood stream to the lymph nodes. This is because of the carbon black in the ink which has the ability to break down into nano particles fast and spread through blood. But, sometimes tatoo ink also consists of nickel and chromium additions particularly in organic tatoos. In mice it has also shown to reach the liver. Reaching the liver might take some time but as per dermatologists within minutes of insertion the ink particles reach the lymph nodes.

Now let us understand what happens to the tatoo pigments after the tatoo is done. Some of the ink gets cleared but some is not cleared by the repair cells known as macrophages and remain trapped within the skin cells and showing out through the skin as a tatoo. Generally the ink does not go very far from the point it is injected but some of it does have the ability to travel to the lymph nodes. Research has also shown that many of the individuals with enlarged lymph nodes have been the ones with tatoos for more than a decade.

Well, but it is yet to be proved if tatoo ink is apparently harmful to the body or not. Research is still in progress to say the least.

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Brain Has Eyes Too – A sneak Peek Into Neurons

Yes, that is true. Nicknamed as ‘Jennifer Aniston’ a neuron based on the participant study which showed that one of the neuron of his brain lit up on recognizing the face of particular people like Jennifer Aniston or Hillary Clinton. So, this neuron was named after Jennifer Aniston. This report further revealed that one single specific cell lit up whenever a person’s certain conscious experience was concerned. This throws further light on the response of brain cells the relation of the activities with consciousness. Though, understanding the scope and science of human consciousness is a mystery that is yet to be unfolded and even researchers cannot say with surety if these neurons lead to conscious thoughts.

Brain Has Eyes Too - A sneak Peek Into Neurons

There were studies around the same carried out in 2008 which used a masking technique. This technique showed an image of a popular person like Aniston for 16 milliseconds immediately followed by a pattern Image muddling the face afterimage on the retina, thus making it rather hard for the brain to register what it saw. Later on in another study that used a method for hiding images from participants awareness. The phenomenon used for the experiment is called attentional blink wherein two target images are shown in a high speed streaming along with some other similar images. This results in a person often not able to recognize the second image targeted.

A similar study was carried out over a list of 21 patients under epilepsy and brains were fitted with special treatment electrodes. The trial included showing 14 different images predetermined by the scientist as familiar to the person. Further each one had a particular activity of specific brain cell. Now, when the trial was conducted, the researchers asked the participants to concentrate on two target images of the 14. All the images would later be flashed on the screen for 150 milliseconds. The medial temporal lobe was under constant monitoring during and after the trail and the researchers queried the participants if they had seen two images of familiar faces.

Every cell with unique signature was studied as it lit up and helped researchers link a brain cell pattern to particular images and had the ability to tell about the image represented even though
the participants are not aware of it.

Furthermore, research work is on as the researchers believe that they are at the intersection of perception and memory and investigation was needed to find out the results of direct stimulation of neurons.

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Safe House For Many Disease Causing Viruses – Human Semen

Safe House For Many Disease Causing Viruses - Human Semen

When researchers was carried out on Zika virus, it was found that the virus finds its way through the man’s semen and stays there safely for a long time, over a few months. This led to a further study about other viruses with the ability to find their way to the man’s semen and staying there safely.

The research was carried out at the oxford university and it was discovered that there were a minimum of 27 different viruses with and ability to get into the blood and the semen as per the existing reports of scientific literature of ‘viremic’ viruses. The research also highlighted that the spread of the viruses in the semen is apparently even more than assumed.

The list of viruses not only includes lesser known ones but lots of popular ones too like HIV, Hepatitis C, Ebola, herpes, chikungunya, chickenpox and the less known ones like simian foamy, rift valley fever to name a few.
Though research is just at the preliminary stage as only the list of the viruses that have the ability to use a man’s semen as a safe house stay are known but more details like how long can they actually stay there, in what concentrations and how able they are in triggering or fueling he disease is yet to be studied.

Additionally, it is yet to be known whether these viruses have the ability to infect the sperms. This holds grave importance because it can lead to mutating the sperm DNA and passing the same to the next generation further increasing cancer risk in that generation as well. Additionally, many of us might not be aware that testes are known to be immune to any invasions by the body’s immune system. They are also therefore called immuno-logically privileged.

These findings might just raise questions on the considerations around treatments developed for viral diseases and their effects on the virus located across the body included the male reproductive tract.

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