White Spots on Nails – Myths An More

There is one common myth around the condition where many people believe that white spots on nails are a sign of deficiency of calcium only. Apparently, the fact is white spots are not simply because of calcium or zinc deficiencies, there’s more to it. Scientifically known as Leukonychia, white spots on nails is a common condition. The main causes of this condition include either and injury to the matrix of the nail or an allergic reaction due to substances like nail hardeners, nail polish or sometimes even a mild infection.

White Spots on Nails

Also known as milk spots or white nails, Leukonychia refers to a condition where the complete nail turns white in color. Here’s a run-down the different types and sub types of Leukonychia –
Leukonychia totalis – As the name suggests, it causes white discoloration of the complete nail.
Leukonychia Partialis – This type causes a partial discoloration of the nail and is further divided in three main types.

  • Leukonychia Punctata – In this type, small white spots are seen on the nail.
  • Leukonychia Transverse – Also known as mees lines, striate or transverse leukonychia condition is responsible of causing horizontal white lines running parallel to the lunula. 
  • Longitudinal Leukonychia – In this type, a white band surfaces down the nail. 

Leukonychia is also divided based on the type of injury into two types.

  • True Leukonychia – This is caused when there is an injury or damage to the nail. The white area of this nail is not affected by any pressure and grows as the nail does.
  • Apparent Leukonychia – This is caused when the bed beneath the nail is affected. This white area does reduce under pressure and does not grow as the nail does.

Treatment – The treatment is based on the diagnosis and if the doctor finds any uncertainty then you need to undergo a few tests –

  • Nail Biopsy – A tissue from the mail is removed and sent for testing
  • Mycology – This test involves the examination of nail clippings and fungi
  • Blood Test – This test is done to check the presence of a systematic disease

The white spots that are caused without any injury are harmless and grow out over time naturally. While if injury or trauma is the cause, then the doctor decides on the course of treatment.
Yes, white spots can be prevented from resurfacing by taking care of your nails and being cautious. Some of the preventive measures are –

  • Avoid excess use of nail paint or polish
  • Cut your nails on a regular basis and keep them short
  • Use a moisturizer after washing nails to avoid dryness
  • Avoid contact with substances that cause irritation

Well, generally white spots or Leukonychia is harmless in nature but only rarely can it be a sign of an underlying serious condition. Hence, if you find one, it is advisable that you see the doctor immediately.

Egg Freezing – More Power to Women

Egg freezing is not an entirely unknown term. Awareness about it is fast spreading across cities in India. Even Gynaecologists have observed a spurt in the inquiries around egg freezing. Scientifically known as oocyte cryopreservation, this process involves the extraction of a woman’s egg from the ovary, freezing and storing it. Afterwards at the time of conceiving, this egg is thawed and placed in the uterus as embryos.

This is a boon for women in India today who want to make life choices on their own at their time. Many women delay marriages as they do not want to get married under pressure and want to prioritize education and career. Such women can freeze their eggs and use them later to conceive. There are numerous case studies to help you understand how egg freezing helped women in India conceive and deliver a healthy baby at a time when they were ready for it.

Case 1 – A 31-year-old female from Matunga wanted to conceive through IVF and her husband was in too much pressure while donating his sperm, so much so that he was not able to produce a semen sample required for the IVF on the day of collection. So, they extracted her egg and froze it. The IVF process was later completed once the semen was received and she had a hassle free pregnancy.

Case 2 – A 14-year-old female was diagnosed with cancer in one of her ovaries. The doctor extracted and froze her egg from the other ovary before she underwent chemotherapy. He mother was glad that her daughter had a choice to conceive in the future as freezing her egg granted protection to her fertility.

Case 3 – A 36-year-old who was not ready for marriage, froze her eggs at 32 so that whenever she is ready for it and for maternity, there are no issues with conceiving.

Today, egg freezing awareness is spreading fast amongst the society and many women are opting for the alternative as it empowers them to make a choice of becoming a mother, at the time they want to. Across the world, egg freezing has already helped conceive and deliver over 2000 babies. Having said that, even though the freezing can be done at any age based on the count of antral follicles and hormone levels, the doctors generally advise doing the egg freezing before 35 years.

In today’s times when the world is embracing gender equality and women are determined to match the abilities of men in almost every walk of life, egg freezing is an amazing addition to their empowerment arsenal.

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Top 5 Medical Tourism Destinations in the World

We all know about the recent spurt in medical Tourism, but what you might not know and perhaps, would want to know is,  names of the countries that top this list. Before we look into that, here’s some information on medical tourism. As per international statistics, 11 million people from the USA opted for medical tourism in 2016. Now, that is a huge number. Furthermore, the medical tourism industry is slated to grow by 25% in the coming years. People are choosing medical tourism alternative for reasons like quality healthcare at impressive costs, convenience and more. Lets run-down 5 of the most sought-after medical tourism destinations in the world.

BRAZIL – As per World Health Organization, Brazil tops the list of medical tourism destinations in the world. With over 40 JCI accredited hospitals and world’s best experts under their belts, Brazil is a one-stop solution for healthcare needs around cosmetic and plastic surgery. The reason it is third on the list of most visited countries for cosmetic and plastic surgery is due to its quality services at affordable rates.

MEXICO – Mexico is one of the most preferred destinations for medical healthcare as it is known to reduce the medical costs by a staggering 40% to 65%. It boasts of over 98 JCI accredited hospitals and offers advanced treatment procedures in areas of cosmetic surgery and dentistry. Most of the people residing in the USA are known to travel to Mexico for their healthcare needs.

INDIA – India is brimming with medical tourists as on day and the reason it stands in this list is its ability reduce healthcare costs by a mammoth 65% to 90% as compared to the USA, making it one of the most visited countries for healthcare services. India is a preferred location not only due to its affordability or quality healthcare services but because there is zero waiting time for scheduling surgeries and living here is a relaxing experience as well.

THAILAND – The land of the white elephants as it is known, Thailand is also famous for its pristine beaches. But many of us aren’t aware of the fact that it is also a popular destination for medical tourism. You can not only reduce your medical expenditure by 50% to 75% but also avail facilities like private recovery gardens, Thai massage and other relaxation therapies at affordable prices.

TURKEY – The reason Turkey is on the list of most favored destinations for medical tourism is that it offers zero waiting times for services of healthcare particularly like transplant, neurosurgery, genomic medicine, radiation therapy for cancer. The Turkish airlines also offers discounts for medical tourists and the best part is the bottom line –  you end up saving around 50% to 65% of your money as compared to the USA.

Well, healthcare has broadened its horizons and is available across borders at affordable prices. Hence, umpteen people across countries are opting for medical tourism.