Weight Loss After 50 Years Of Age Reduces Breast Cancer Risk

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers amongst women in India and worldwide. A recent study about women who lost weight at 50 and maintained a healthy weight thereon showed a decreased risk of breast cancer as compared to women with more weight. This study is therefore a way to help women work around prevention of cancer.

Breast Cancer Risk

The study is published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. In USA over two third of the adult women are overweight or obese. The study was carried out by the researchers at the American Cancer Society, Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health using the Pooling Project of Prospective Studies of Diet and Cancer (DCPP) in order to determine the connection between sustained loss of weight after menopause or later adulthood and the risk of breast cancer.

The study involved over 180,000 women over 50 years of age across 10 studies. The sample size is huge and this analysis is the first to assess the breast cancer risk impact over sustained weight loss. The study did examine weight three times across 10 years period viz. at the time of enrollment, post five years and again four years thereafter.

The results showed that women who were able to reduce more weight in later adulthood and sustained it were able to lower the risk of breast cancer. The women who were able to shed around 9 kg’s of weight and then game some of it but not all did show a significant reduction in breast cancer risk.

The lead author of the study Lauren Teras, PhD says ‘These findings may be a strong motivator for the two thirds of American women who are overweight to lose some of that weight. Even if you gain weight after age 50, it is not too late to lower your risk of breast cancer”.

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Plaques of Pregnancy or Puppp – A Rare Pregnancy Rash

We all know that pregnancy can bring along a lot of side effects also like fatigue, nausea, vomiting and more. But, one rare condition that only a few or say 1 in 160 women get are pregnancy PUPPPs. Though, it is known to be a common condition experienced by pregnant women, not all are aware of it. Here’s and over view of Pruritic Urticarial Papules or PUPPPS, also known as plaques or Pregnancy.

Plaques of Pregnancy or Puppp

Though as on day scientists and medical experts aren’t really sure of the reason behind the surfacing of such itchy rashes in women during pregnancy but believe that it could be due to excessive stretching of skin in the months nearing to delivery.

Also, there is no cure. The rashes tend to appear in the third semester and disappear within 2 weeks post birthing. The rashes start mostly from the stomach and spread across your thighs, legs, hands and neck area. They look like red swollen patches and are extremely itchy.

Another reason cited by experts around rash is the circulation of immune fetal cells through the body. These cells spark an immune response that in turn leads to the rash surfacing. The theory finds support in the fact that the fetal cells do stay in the body for short time after delivery. But, it’s not proved yet.

The itching could get worse if you tend to scratch it. Better to avoid scratching. In hotter regions the itching and pain is much worse and proper care needs to be taken for relief. Here are a few tips around relief from rashes

  1. Ice – Cool ice compresses can help relieve the itching. Wrap the ice compress in a cloth and apply few time during the day.
  2. Oatmeal – Oatmeal baths are known to be effective home remedy for may skin conditions including this one.
  3. Peppermint – Peppermint comes with menthol and it is known to have cooling effects. Use peppermint oil on the rashes or you might consume the prescribed quantity after consulting your doctor.
  4. Moisturiser –
  5. Clove oil – Clove oil is also known to have cooling effects because it contains antimicrobials and antioxidants, phenol eugenol to be specific.

A study in 2017 revealed that around 25 participants who applied petroleum jelly followed by clove oil on rash prone areas show a reduction in symptoms compared to the group that used on petroleum jelly.

Having said that, not every pregnant woman gets these itchy rashes but those who get could use the above tips for relief purpose because these rashes could get itchy to hell and frustrate you to the core. But, be calm, this will pass off and there is not known effects to the fetus due to their occurrence as yet.

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The Role Of Legumes In Heart Health

We all know how a nutritious and balanced diet can help us live longer by keeping heart ailments at bay. A recent study carried out to find out the role of legumes in heart health reveals that legumes. Though it’s never been easy to know the benefits of food on an individual basis.

Five color legumes for healthy , Soy bean, Navy bean or white bean, Black beam, Red bean and Green bean,

But, recently researchers of the review called Advances in Nutrition took up the task of understanding the significance of legumes like lentils, peas and beans etc. around heart health.

Primarily, they focused on cardiovascular diseases like coronary heart disease, stroke, myocardial infarction besides looking into hypertension, obesity and diabetes. They chose cardiovascular diseases because it is one of the most common causes of mortality and even one of the most expensive ones. It is known to cause US 1 billion dollars a day.

They used the data analysis of Eurpoean Association which recently carried out a series of systematic reviews as well as meta-analysis for Diabetics study. The researchers hope that these results could be quite a help in updating the recommendations already made around the role of legumes in preventing as well as treating cardio-metabolic diseases.

The data review and comparison with people with lowest and highest intake of legumes revealed that dietary pulses that had legumes which either did or did not include other legumes did decrease coronary heart disease, obesity incidence and hypertension.

Though the researchers were able to find a positive relationship between intake of legumes in higher amounts and reduction in certain parameters related to cardiovascular risks, the conclusion they came to are muted relatively.

As per the researchers “The overall certainty of the evidence was graded as low for CVD incidence and ‘very low for all the other outcomes.”

Therefore, the co author of the study Dr Hana Kahleova said “ Americans eat less than one serving of legumes per day, on average. Simply adding more beans to our plates could be a powerful tool in fighting heart disease and bringing down blood pressure.

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Board Games Can Keep Cognitive Degradation At Bay – A Study

We all know that board games are a fun way to be engaged in play in doors particularly for kids. But, here’s some news. A new study carried out by the Researchers at Edinburgh university of United Kingdom reveals that board games could actually help Older Adults avert off their cognitive decline. The paper was authored by Drew Altschul of School of philosophy, Pscychology and Language sciences in association with Professor Deary, director of Edinburgh Lothian Birth Cohorts and published in the Journals of Gerontology.

FBHDTJ Still-life selection of board games (Monopoly, Chess, Cluedo, Scrabble) with playing cards and gambling chips

The study was carried out on 1091 subjects born in the year 1936 for assessment of their mental and cognitive capabilities. The researchers did the evaluation for cognitive functioning across ages 11, 70, 73, 79 with the help of 14 different standard cognitive tests.

The study included asking questions to participants in the age group of 70 and 76 about how many times across the week they indulged in board games like bingo, chess, crosswords, cards, bingo and more . The researchers also took into account confounding factors like education, early life cognitive function, activity levels, sex and health issues to name a few, as a part of their analysis.

The results unleashed that the people who were more into board games in their later year’s post 70’s were better off maintaining their cognitive functioning. Particularly those older adults who indulged in analog games post 70’s showed relative less decline in cognitive abilities across 11 and 70 years and also between the age of 70 and 79.

Altschul, one of the study leads says “ these latest findings add to evidence that being more engaged in activities during the life course might be associated with better thinking skills in later life”.

While coauthor thinks that there is a possibility that there is an interpretation of results as push to start playing board games and avoid cognitive decline.

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