BRAT Diet For Stomach Health

If You are suffering from stomach related issues then, one of the most recommended diets is the BRAT diet. For the uninitiated, BRAT is an acronym standing for Banana, rice, Applesauce and toast. The reason behind recommending these foods when having stomach problems is that they are light on the stomach and bland as well. Stomach problems can lead to nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and fatigue and the BRAT diet definitely plays a role in keeping you energized without side effects.

Brat Diet For Stomach Health

The BRAT diet is about eating bananas, applesauce, rice and toast in abundance as these foods are bland I taste and easy on your digestive systems. Well, if you cannot eat the same food over and over until you get well, you may choose from other bland foods like weak tea, apple juice or soda, broth, boiled potatoes as well as cooked cereals.

Though you need to avoid dairy products like milk and more as well as oily, fried and spicy food. You also need to avoid raw or uncooked food as well as food that is very hot or very cold. Stay away from alcohol as well as coffee or other foods containing caffeine.

Once 24 hours of illness have passed you may consume clear liquids again, sipping on at an interval of 10 minutes. Try drinking water, chicken broth, apple juice and similar liquids.

Although the BRAT diet is a common recommendation by Doctors in USA, children and infants are excluded form the recommendation.

The reason being that these food cannot fulfil the body requirements in terms of micro nutrients and proteins.

But, if you are suffering from severe bout of diarrhea then you need to seek medical assistance immediately. Also in case of severe abdominal or rectal pain, black or bloody stools or a high fever or above 102 F.

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