Corona Virus – Facts Overview

As the corona virus or Wuhan virus scare is catching like wild fire and as the number of infected people across the world. The cases in china are about to reach 15000 and over 300 people are said to be already affected. The virus is on the spread across the world as it is highly contagious and the UN has already declared it as a medical emergency. While the world is on high alert and is also flown out their nationals from the country, the clouds of this virus causing a havoc are already mounting. Here are a few tips to keep the corona virus infection at bay.

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water on regular basis or with alcohol based disinfectant
  2. While sneezing or coughing cover your mouth with a tissue or hand
  3. Avoid close contact with people suffering from cold or flu like symptoms
  4. Do not eat under cooked meat or eggs
  5. Avoid contact with farm animals or the wild
  6. Stay indoors at home when sick
  7. Clean all objects and surfaces that are dirty or touched
  8. Avoid touching your mouth, eyes or hands with dirty hands
  9. Use a mask whenever outdoor
  10. Always carry a disinfectant along when outdoor

There’s also a debate around the transfer of the virus without showing symptoms. While the Germans are firm that asymptomatic transmission is possible, nothing is yet officially conveyed.

Well, as the cases in China keep exploding as the days pass by, the risk of it spreading across continents is always there. As of now the process of developing a vaccine for controlling the virus is on but it might take almost a year before it comes to the pharmacy. Until then, prevention is the only way out. So, stay safe and clean to keep the condition out of harm’s way.

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