5 Important Health Screenings For Indian Women


A woman of the family is like the backbone of the family, that cornerstone of strength on whom every family member in one way or the other is dependent personally and emotionally. She is the one who ensures that all the needs of each member are met, be it food, finance or fitness. As a care giver, she becomes the umbrella for family, shielding them through the tough times and the sun that shines and provides warmth otherwise. While doing so, many a times she tends to turn a blind eye towards her own health issues.

Apparently, she needs to take more care of her health as the link that holds the family into one because if something happens to her, the family is in a mess. So, it is advisable that every women like she takes care of her family, takes care of her own self. Here is a run down certain important tests to be undertaken as preventive measures to avoid the risk of life threatening conditions that are common in Indian women.

Breast Cancer - One of the important health test for Indian women

BREAST CANCER – As per studies, breast cancer tops the list of most common cancers in women in India. India sadly also has the highest number of women losing their lives due to this dreaded disease, mostly due to late diagnosis. They also reveal that the reasons include ignorance in the first place and lack of awareness about screening as well. The age group that seems to be affected the most is 35-60 years. Hence is advisable to go for regular screenings atleast post 40 years of age. The screenings include self examination as well as medical examination thru mammogram which need to be taken after consultation only. Cancer related test becomes necessary if there is a genetic history of the disease.

cervical cancer - One of the important health test for Indian women

CERVICAL CANCER – Cervical cancer is the second most dreaded condition that Indian women suffer from. For the younger lot, vaccines are available already. Though nonavalent vaccine that offers 90% protection against cervical cancer has not yet come to India, but bivalent and quadravalent vaccines offering around 70% protection are available in India and can be given to young girls of 9-13 age-group. For elders, preventive checkup called PAP test is advisable every 3 to 5 years so that you can catch hold of the cancer in its infancy stage itself. Read more


COLON CANCER – Not a common cancer to hear off, the fact apparently is that it is one of the most dreaded cancers in women in India after breast, cervical and lung cancer. But, the good news is that if detected at its early stage it is 90% curable. The age group that is affected by this condition is mainly 50-85 years. Hence, it is advisable to start taking colonoscopy after age 50, every 10 years. It there is a genetic family history, then it is better to go for it 10 years before the age at which the member was diagnosed with it and repeat it every 5 years. The test that confirms the presence of cancer is known as the gold-standard diagnostic test to check for polps and other growth.


UTERINE CANCER – This is also a common form of cancer in Indian women. This cancer mostly occurs after menopause and obese women with irregular menstrual cycles are more at the risk of this cancer besides the genetic risk. Preventive tests include pelvic examination, CT scans, MRI or Transvaginal ultrasound.


HEART DISEASE – Heart disease is one of the most common conditions women in India suffer from. A study has revealed that 3 in 5 women here at a high risk of developing heart disease at early young age of 35. The reasons primarily include high blood pressure, sedentary lifestyle, stressed work life, diet issues, diabetes and smoking. Both housewives and working woman in the age group of 35-45 are known to be at the risk of this disease. Therefore it is advisable to check heart health atleast on a yearly basis post the age of 30-35 years, besides following a healthy lifestyle by staying away from addictions, walking, exercising and sports, diabetes and obesity control. Many hospitals in India are nowadays providing cardiac packages age-wise. So, you may go for an age appropriate cardiac test that includes tests like Blood Pressure, cholestrol, sugar and more to check for associated risks.

Well as a women, don’t neglect health issues and go for a health checkups as mentioned depending upon your age and take your step towards healthy life.

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