Compulsive Doing Syndrome – Do you Have It?

Do you feel that you are very busy and occupied most of the times. Do you answer in a negative when someone asks you to meet up, hangout or for any other meet? Is the answer to most questions about availability as ‘Sorry, Busy’. Then, you have a compulsive doing syndrome. The symptoms of this syndrome include –

Compulsive Doing Syndrome

  • No time for family affairs
  • Not time to eat
  • Your to do list goes on increasing
  • Sleepless nights for a long time
  • You might seem busy and hardworking but nothing out of the box

Now, for the reason. This syndrome is because we are brought up believing that being busy means being worthy. This is the most common causes of Compulsive doing syndrome too.

Another reason is that we tend to overburden ourselves until there is no time left for anything to fit in. Many times it can be a sign of running away from problems, situations and issues. So, if you feel that you are busy all the time, know it once and for all that it is apparently a lifestyle issue and needs to be worked up.

Being over occupied without any time to spare apparently show that your time management skills are not good enough. Besides, it also points to clarity or work and focus issues. If you are focused on your work you can finish off your work faster and ample time left for other priorities.

Exercising Breathing for 5 minutes every day helps you calm down, distress and relax. Doing it will certainly help you manage yourself better. Have time allocated for activities that help you feel well mentally, physically and spiritually. Could be a jog, or exercise or music or some extra-curricular activity.

Try to get away from gadgets be it your phone, laptop or television and concentrate on eating while having your meals. Give your family the attention they deserve and not non-living objects over them. Sparing some time out for meditation is definitely a food idea for mental health and overall wellness.

Well, compulsive doing syndrome can be worked up if you are willing to understand that being busy is very much about time management, concentration and clarity.