Dead People Do Know That They are Dying – A study

In a spine chilling revelation from researchers at the New York’s Stony Brook University School of Medicine – human beings are aware of their death moments after they die. The reason that the study cited was that even though the heart stops, the brain is stDead People Do Know That They are Dyingill alive and active, for a short time, albeit. This is the time that the person registers what all is happening around him.

Dead People Do Know That They are Dying - A study

As per the researchers the time of death is when the heart stops beating. But, even though the heart stops beating, the blood circulation to the brain takes time to cease and it’s not as immediate as the heart stopping to beat. This process can be short or even take hours to complete. Hence, during this time technically the brain is alive for a while until the blood circulation stops helping the dead people understand what is happening around them.

It’s a known fact that many people have a visual as well as auditory memory of everything happening around them even when theoretically, they should not be. There have been many instances about people coming back from death. It is known as Near Death Experience or NDE and people like Anita Moorjani, a well- known case of NDE has told the world that she was aware of everything that was happening around her when she was in the near death stage.


The lead researcher of the study at the New York University said that the people who have deep near death experiences tend to bounce back with great positivity and also self-transform. They become community helps and philanthropic as well.

This study is astonishing in its way and does have the ability to spark debates on life after death as well as about human consciousness.


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