Do You Legs Pain All Night? Know Why

Many of us experience leg pain at night. But, ever thought about the reasons behind it. Many of us should have and many should have not. So, if you are also amongst the ones who do experience leg pain at night on a regular basis and have been ignoring it or just bearing it through, here are a few reasons that could be the reason, perhaps.

Do You Legs Pain All Night

1. Deficiency of vital nutrients
Many of us never know if our diet is a balanced one of not. With a hectic life schedule and not time for to spare towards caring for health besides a diet that is more of junk and less of nutrient rich food, deficiency of vital nutrients like calcium, potassium and magnesium as well as Vitamin D can lead to leg pain.

2. Dehydration
Nocturnal leg pain is also known to be caused due to dehydration. Due to the electrolyte imbalance in blood, it can lead to nocturnal cramps. So keep yourself hydrated throughout the day and even if you tend to wake up at night stay hydrated.

3. Standing long hours
Standing for long hours can lead to leg pain at night. The reason is that standing for along time tends to accumulate the blood and water in your lower body causing fluid imbalance and cramping.

Health Conditions
If you are suffering from other health conditions that you are not aware of then, you could be having leg pain due to the same.

As you age your bones become weak and nocturnal leg pain is pretty common then. It is after 50 years that you may start experiencing this condition because you start losing neurons and get frequent cramps due to it.

Well, health is wealth and ignoring it can lead to an irreversible or life threatening damage to the body. So, if you are experiencing the symptoms get yourself checked and do the needful. Why compromise on quality of life.

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