Lips Don’t Lie – Aging Signs

We all are aware that the preliminary signs of aging start around your eyes. But, we aren’t aware of another fact that is lips also don’t lie. When you age lips start losing their volume and this also falls under the preliminary sign of aging. Apparently, if you do not take care of your lips, it could result in premature aging making you look aged even if you ain’t due to the thining of them.

Well, you may ask, the reason about lips aging away. Here’s what you need to know.

Exposure to Sunlight – UV rays can take quite a toll on your lips as they are exposed to sunlight and are highly delicate in nature.

Inadequate moisturization – Compared to the skin which has 16 cellular layers, the lip has only five. Hence, the lips are more vulnerable to deterioration comparatively and if not hydrated adequately can cause damage.

Addictions like Smoking – Addictions like smoking can cause unrepairable damage to your lips. This is because the toxins, tar as well as the nicotine present in cigarettes. They can not only cause discoloration but also cause coarse fine lines and deep wrinkles around the mouth.

Continuous lip licking – If you think that licking is a natural way of moisturizing your lips when you run out of a moisturizer but the fact is, lip licking causes more harm than good. It dries the already dry lips further besides removing the natural oil of your lips.

Collagen depletion around localized region – Collagen is responsible for protection of the skin against possible signs of ageing. Collagen is the foundation for hyaluronic and elastin acids, that play a significant role in keeping the shape, structure as well as suppleness of the lips up to date. Loss of collagen can also lead to loss in lip elasticity and volume as well.

Treatment – In order to keep the lips in shape, both men and women are trying lip fillers. These fillers are also called Hyaluronic acid fillers as they help in retaining the shape, volume and structure of fillers magically. The filler consists of gel which has to be injected in the lips. Once it is done this gel helps in supporting the lips tissues. It is popular because it is non-invasive and is also priced per syringe.


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