Madarosis – A Condition That Causes Hair Loss of Eyelashes and Eyebrows

A condition that is as rare as one in 500 people suffering from it, is the condition called Madarosis, that leads to loss of hair of the eyelash and eyebrows. The term was initially coined only for loss of eye lashes but now it is used even for loss of hair of the eyebrow. Known to generally not cause scars this condition can lead to hair loss of one or both eyebrows, but in rare cases it could lead to scarring as well. Madarosis also known to be an alert for complex body diseases both complex body and dermatological.

Also, the role of eyelashes is to protect the eyes from foreign bodies and eyebrows of to protect eye’s bony ridges and hence is critical to the health of the eye.


The preliminary symptoms is that the eyelashes turn brittle leading to eyelash fall. The symptoms include eyelid itching and burning sensation as well as swelling, thinning as well as hair loss from other parts of the body.

The condition is said to be caused due to many other underlying diseases and health conditions like Trauma, Burns, Psychiatric condition called trichotillomania, eyelid infection like syphilis, leprosy or herpes, chronic blepharitis and eyelid neoplasm. Even genetic conditions like ichthyosiform erythroderma, ehlers-danlos syndrome, cryptophthalmos as well as ectodermal dysplasia are known to cause madarosis

The doctor examines the patient physically and checks the scalp, eyebrows and eyelids as well as facial skin. The tests done for the same include skin skin scrapping for fungal infection diagnosis, skin swab for bacterial infections diagnosis, dermoscopy for skin examination with the help of a magnifier as well as blood tests.

The treatment is based on diagnosis and includes the use of medications, borax for infections, biotin supplements for hair repair, cosmetic treatment like eyebrow tattoos, artificial eyebrows, to name a few.

Home-remedies like opting for a protein rich diet, care with doing and choosing makeup and use of castor oil on the eyebrows and eyelashes could help you get rid of infections.


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