Rajarajeshwari Medical College was well represented at the anesthesia national conference held in Jaipur, ISACON 2015 from December 26th to 29th. Three of our post graduates presented papers. Dr. Antara Banerji, Dr. Vikyath Jain and Dr. Praveen H.

DrVikyath Jain and Dr. Praveen had the privilege of being selected to present award papers in the category, ‘KOPS award paper for clinical pharmacology’. Dr. Praveen guided by Dr.Rangalakshmi did our college extremely proud by winning 2nd prize in the coveted Presidents Portex award, for his paper titled ‘SELECTIVE SPINAL ANAESTHESIA USING HYPOBARIC LOW DOSE Levobupivacaine WITH Fentanyl – FOR OUTPATIENT LAPAROSCOPIC PROCEDURES-A COMPARATIVE  RANDOMIZED  CLINICAL STUDY’

The students were guided by Prof  Dr.Rangalakshmi and HOD Dr.Sahajananda.

Kudos to the department of Anesthesia




The celebration started with a warm welcome to the New Year 2016 by the students accompanied by the management and the teaching staff of RRMCH with a cake cutting. Exchange of wishes poured in and the college had a festive look for the new start.


We are glad to inform that 23rd annual state conference and pre conference CME was organized by Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, RRMCH in association with Karnataka Medicolegal Association under the title ‘FORENSICON 2015’ from 3rd to 5th December 2015. The pre conference CME was held on 3rd December 2015, with the theme “LEARNING FROM MISTAKES”. 346 delegates registered for the CME. The CME was inaugurated by Shri N.C Srinivas, Principal District & Session Judge Ramanagara as chief guest, along with Dr. T.S Shiva Shankar, Rtd. Prof and HOD, KIMS Hubbali as presiding officer. A series of guest lecturer: Dr. Shanta Kumar, Dr. V.G Nayak, Dr. Kantikar, Justice Anand and Dr Veera Nagi Reddy followed by the inaugural function. The guest lecture given by Dr. Shanta Kumar, Dean, GMC, Tutukudi Medical college received a great response for his fantastic lecture. Welcome dinner was arranged at Guhantara.

First day of conference was held on 4th December, begin with ATS Iyenger oration by Dr. Jayaprakash K on the topic Ethics in clinical practice followed by guest lecturers by Dr. Indrajit Khandekar and Dr. Tanuj Kanchan. Scientific sessions includes paper presentations by faculty and post graduate students. Interactions during the session were healthy and enriched with knowledge. Inauguration of conference was done by Hon’ble Shri Justice A.V Chandrashekar, Judge High court Karnataka, Administrative Judge for Ramanagara District and by Dr. L.Thirunavukkarasu Rtd. Prof & HOD, BMRCI, Bengaluru. First day event ended with general body meeting of Karnataka Medicolegal Society. Banquet was arranged at Eagleton, Bidadi.

Second day of conference started with guest lecturers by Dr. Clifford Perara, Dr. Girish Chandra and Dr. S Venkat Raghava. Scientific sessions include 20 paper presentations and 29 poster presentations by faculty and post graduate students. Interactions during the session were healthy and enriched with knowledge. Events concluded by valedictory function with prize distribution for toppers in UG and PG, best paper and poster presentations under faculty and post graduates. The feedback was good regarding the events of all three days.

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Live Operative Workshop – UROGYN-2015:

Urogyn 2015 was conducted on 22nd Nov 2015 by Rajarajeswari Medical College & Hospital and Karnataka State urogynaecology Association in association with Bangalore Society of obstetrics & Gynaecology (BSOG). It was a live operative workshop on urogynaecology and pelvic floor surgery. The workshop was attended by 150 delegates. Ten surgeries were live telecasted and done by guest faculty Dr. Chandrashekhar Murthy and Dr. Kiran Ashok : Stalwarts in urogynaecology field and well supported by OBG staff of RRMCH, Anaesthesia staff of RRMCH and OT staff.

The workshop included sessions on basic anatomy followed by live surgeries with simultaneous interaction of guest surgeons with the delegates. The surgeries which were done were vaginal hysterectomy with site specific repair to rare surgeries like complete perineal tear repair and vesicovaginal fistula (VVF) repair. The efforts of whole team were applauded by the delegates and KMC observer. The feedback was overwhelming from delegates. Petients follow up and recovery following surgery was good.

Overall UROGYN 2015 was a grand success in term of delegate participation, live surgeries telecasted delegate interaction and patient management.

Thanking you,

Dr. R Nagarathnamma
Professor & HOD

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Live Operative Workshop-UROGYN-2015


Infections In Orthopedics

Current Concepts of infections in Orthopedics:

The first RATS conference was held in 2014, the chosen theme was management of meta-diaphyseal fractures. This year, the chosen theme of the conference was ‘current concepts of infections in orthopaedics’. Infections in any speciality have always been a dreaded nightmare, more so in orthopaedics. The management of infections in orthopaedics has been fraught with dilemmas and controversies. With this in mind we set out to bring together stalwarts in orthopaedics to address the problem of infections with a focus on current concepts.

There was fantastic participation with over 140 registrations from institutions all over Karnataka and this only strengthened our conviction that we not only chose a good topic but we were successful in creating a brand image of Rajarajeswari Annual Trauma Symposium (RATS).

The topics were divided into basic sciences session and moved onto management of infections in specific scenarios such as problematic non unions due to infection, spinal infections and infections following joint replacement. The basic sciences sessions dealt with operative infrastructure, assessment of surgical site infections, basics of antibiotic prophylaxis, trends in development of antibiotics and biofilm formation. All the talks were followed by lively discussions and there was a robust interaction between the faculty and delegates.

The talks were well received and the feedback was unanimous, that there will be ensured participation for RATS 2016!

infections in Orthopedics


World Sight Day


World sight day was celebrated on 8-10-15 at RRMC&H with the motto of EYE CARE FOR ALL. The event organized by the department of Ophthalmology was presided by Dr. Naga Murthy (DBCS District programme manager, NPCB) and our Medical Superintendent Dr. Govind raju. Dr. M Shivakumar, Professor of Ophthalmology gave the introductory remark by explaining the world sight day 2015 celebrations and the aim and objectives of celebrating the world sight day. He explained the slogan for 2015 world sight day, “Eye care for all”. We began the day with an interactive session on “Awareness regarding diabetic retinopathy) by our retina specialists Dr.Ganesh Sathyamurthy and Dr. Roopashree.K. This was followed by free screening of 60 diabetic patients for diabetic retinopathy at the department till evening.

world sight day

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Infectious Disease Epidemiology & Health Protection

Infectious Disease Epidemiology & Health Protection Workshop – 2015

Department of Community Medicine, in association with Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences & Medical Education and Research Trust, Bangalore has organised Five days CME / workshop on “Infectious Disease Epidemiology & Health Protection Workshop-2015” at RajaRajeswari Medical College & Hospital from 5th Oct 2015 to 9th October 2015.

Time: 9:00 to 4:00 pm
Venue: MEU Board Room.

Workshop on “Infectious Disease Epidemiology & Health Protection” A Brief Report


Infectious Disease Epidemiology


KISACON 2013 – Conference Report

Under the aegis of Indian Society of Anesthesiologists, Bangalore Branch with RajaRajeswari Medical College and Hospital, Bangalore is hosting KISACON 2013 from 13th September to 15th September.

The 2013 edition of KISACON focuses on reinforcing the quest towards attaining perfection.

The preconference sessions started on 12th and the conference was inaugurated by Dr. S. K. Shiva Kumar, Director of ISRO Satellite Centre. Mr. A.C. Shanmugam, Chairman, RajaRajeswari Medical College and Hospital, Dr. Madhusudan Upadhyaya, President ISA Karnataka, Dr. Prabhdeva, Former Vice Chanecellor, Bangalore University, Special Officer for the proposed Deemed university, Dr. Rangalakshmi , Organising Secretary and other dignitaries were present.

Welcoming the gathering, Dr. Sahajanand, HOD, Anesthesiology Dept, Rajarajeswari Medical College and Hospital, emphasized the relevance of KISACON.

Life Time Achievement award was given to Dr. P.V. Narayana Rao by the chairman, Sri. A.C. Shanmugam. A host of achievers in the anesthesiology domain were felicitated.

Making the key note address, Sri. A.C. Shanmugam spoke about the importance of holding such conferences where new ideas emerge and also reiterated Rajarajeswari Medical College and Hospital’s  commitment for quality in patient services.

During his address, Dr. S.K. Shivakumar drew parallels between Anesthesiology and Rocket science and explained the advances made by ISRO starting from its inception. He mentioned the advances made in tele communications will help the medical fraternity in telemedicine arena. He then concluded his speech by stressing on the fact that both forms of sciences have one ulterior motive that is upliftment of the human race.

In his speech, Dr. Madhusudhan Upadhyaya spoke about the quality enhancement and said that ISA has always strived to better the standards provided for the patient care and urged all those present to become members of ISA.

Dr. Rangalakshmi proposing vote of thanks thanked all the people who have worked tirelessly to make the event happen and wished all the delegates a happy stay.

All the delegates who were present felt that the conference was very useful and had high praises for the hospitality offered by RajaRajeswari Medical College and Hospital.



  1. Are we delivering competency based training to anaesthesia residents & assessing their professional skills?


  1. Hypoxemia.
  2. Rational & application of Pulmonary function testing in clinical practice


  1. Newer drugs in Anaesthesia.
  2. New Horizons  in reversal of NMB.
  3. Allergy & Anaphylaxsis in the operating room.


  1. Ways to improve Patient Safety


  1. Perioperative Gylcemic Control: Why & How?
  2. Management of patients with significant SIRS for Anaesthesia & Surgery.
  3. Anaesthetic Management of patient with Recent CVA – Posted for Surgery.
  4. Anaesthesia for a patient with Morbid Obesity with SAOS.            
  5. Perioperative Management of Patients with ARDS.
  6. DVT & Pulmonary Embolism  : Newer agents & newer issues in the Perioperative period.
  7. Perioperative Renal failure  : Diagnostics to Management.

 VI.  Glottic, Sub Glottis & Tracheal Surgery:

  1. Anaesthesia for Endolaryngeal Surgery .
  2. Newer concepts in Airway Management.           
  3. Newer Concepts in Supralaryngeal Ventilation.


  1. Current concepts in Anaesthesia for Major Vascular surgery.
  2. Pre-operative Evaluation
  3. Optimizing Cardiac Function
  4. Patient with Leaking or Ruptured Aneurysm
    1. Fluid Resuscitation in trauma – What?When?How Much?


  1. Anaesthesia Challenges in Combative Children & Autistic Adolescents.
  2. Newer trends in Neonatal Anaesthesia in the last three decades
  3. Paediatriac trauma care system .
  4. An overview of Anaesthesia for thoracoscpic surgery in Paediatrics.
  5. Sedation – Pitfalls in Paediatric Sedation .


  1. Anaesthesia challenges in intracranial Aneurysm & SA  Haemorrhagic Diseases.
  2. Head Injury update – CPP target in Head Injury.

X.  OBG:

  1. Safe & Best Anaesthesia for C-Section in HIV/AIDS patients.
  2. Management of the Cardiac Parturient & Unanticipated Massive Obstetric Haemorrhage in the O.R.: “Must Know………..
  3. Labour Analgesia : An Update.
  4. Rational and Stratergy for treatment of severe & Catastrophic PPH.


  1. Peri operative out come in Oncosurgery : Risk Prediction & Anaesthesia for Major Onco Surgeries.


  1. Rational choice of inotropic therapies in peri operative period.
  2. How to identify cardiac arrhythmia & choose correct Treatment. 
  3. Patients with Heart Failure and Pulmonary Hypertension and their Anesthetic Implications .
  4. Ventricular Assisted  Devices : Updates
  5. Do Coronary Stents protect the Surgical Patients?
  6. Anaesthesia Management of Patients with Pacemakers for Non Cardiac Surgery.


  1. Review of Ventilator Modes & Strategies. What progress have we made?
  2. Management & Update of OP Poisoning.  
  3. Dexmeditomidine Clinical application from Operative Room to ICU.
  4. Advances in Enteral & Parenteral Nutrition in ICU.
  5. Post Resusitation care beyond CPR.


  1. Management of Pheochromocytoma.
  2. Evaluation, preoperative & perioperative management of sick thyroid.


  1. Anaesthesia in Radiation suite, diagnostics procedures in Radiology Suite & Endoscopy Suite.
  2. Establishment of Pain Clinic in Rural Parts of Karnataka—– Academics to Services


  1. Anaesthesia for Liver Transplant Special intraoperative challenges and Considerations.
  2. Anaesthesia for Lung Transplant,  Cardiac Transplantation.


  1. Guidelines & Protocols versus individual Judgment:  What should we do?
  2. Informed Consent, a dilemma of ethical & legal Paradigm in Medical Profession.


  1. Anaesthesia for elderly patient scheduled for Emergency Orthopaedic Surgery.
  2. Anaesthesia Considerations in Major Spine Surgery (SCOLIOSIS).
  3. The Unstable Cervical Spine & Anaesthesia
  4. Peri Operative organ protection in elderly patients posted for incidental surgery & an update on ophthalmic regional anaesthesia.


  1. Enhanced Recovery


  1. Acute Pain Management.
  2. What is best for Paediatric Pain & How?
  3. Interventional Pain Management: A New Specialty on the Horizon.
  4. Pain & Palliative Care: End of Life Care
  5. Current concepts of Regional Anaesthesia.


                                 Panel Discussion

 I      Brain Death

 II     Symposium on Fluid Management

III    Cardiac patient coming for non-cardiac Surgery

IV    Pediatrics: Case Discussions

V      Pain Management

VI     Obstetrics


To strive towards better patient outcome and greater satisfaction let us move beyond the argument of regional or general anesthesia and change our approach towards a more global one. Treat the patient as a whole and strive towards better patient care. Like a small child asks on every journey, “are we there yet”, we anesthesiologists on our journey towards excellence, as we create new milestones and achievements ask ourselves , are we there yet? Lets continue our journey towards perfection in the field of anesthesiology to reach greater heights and newer embankments. The 2013 edition of KISACON focuses on reinforcing our quest towards attaining perfection.

We assure you that the conference would be great opportunity to learn new techniques, share and set benchmarks, network with colleagues and peers and have lots and lots of fun.


IMSACON-2013 at RajaRajeswari Medical College and Hospital


It gives me great pleasure in inviting you to IMSACON-2013, the annual conference and convocation of International Medical Sciences Academy. This year, IMSACON is hosted by the Karnataka Chapter of International Medical Sciences Academy in association with the Rajarajeswari Medical College and Hospital. Rajarajeswari Medical College and Hospital is an institutional member of International Medical Sciences Academy. The International Medical Sciences Academy was established as a Global Organization on the 28th of March 1981 at New Delhi as a registered society with regions in U.K., U.S.A., Australia, Rest of Asia, Africa, Europe and India. The registered World Head Quarters of the society are situated at New Delhi. Continue reading “IMSACON-2013 at RajaRajeswari Medical College and Hospital”