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  • 21 Jun,21

    Webinar on Yoga : A Journey to Inner Self

    Department of Physiology has organised a Webinar on Yoga : A Journey to Inner Self on 21-06-2021

  • 21 Jun,21

    World Music Day

    World Music Day is celebrated on June 21 every year to honour the musicians and singers for the gift of music

  • 21 Jun,21

    International Yoga Day

    The International Day of Yoga has been celebrated annually on 21 June

  • 18 Jun,21

    Autistic Pride Day

    Autistic Pride Day is a pride celebration for autistic people held on June 18 each year.

  • 18 Jun,21

    International Picnic Day

    International Picnic Day is a made-up holiday that is celebrated annually on June 18.

  • 17 Jun,21

    World Day of Combat Desertification and Drought

    Its purpose is to raise awareness of the presence of desertification and drought, highlighting methods of preventing desertification and recovering from drought.

  • 16 Jun,21

    Fresh Veggies Day

    Fresh Veggies Day is celebrated every year on the 16th of June. The day is mainly celebrated to create an awareness about the benefits of consuming fresh vegetables.

  • 15 Jun,21

    World Wind Day

    Global Wind Day or World Wind Day is a worldwide event that is held on June 15 around the world.

  • 14 Jun,21

    World Blood Donor Day

    World Blood Donor Day takes place on 14 June each year. The aim is to raise global awareness of the need for safe blood and blood products

  • 12 Jun,21

    World Day Against Child Labour

    The World Day Against Child Labour is aiming to raise awareness and activism to prevent child labour.