• Sri H D Devegowda

    A. C. Shanmugam who passed his education and took Law Degree in Karnataka and his services in the field of education by starting six institutions and Mega Hospital of 1300 beds with all modern facilities and services to the poor of poorest is common debate. His service in Tamilnadu and Karnataka by starting 27 institutions not only to service the poor of Tamilnadu and Karnataka, but also the poor people who comes from all over the country is one of the unique of this Hospital by one individual. The service must be recognised and he deserves the recognizing by awarding Padmavibhushana and also to provide an opportunity to serve the nation in other field.

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    - Sri H D Devegowda,

  • Dr K. H. Tippswamy

    Comparatively this is the best conference and it is excellent to learn from mistakes.

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    - Dr K. H. Tippswamy,

  • Dr. Mohan V. J

    I have started to correct myself from the mistakes that I have been making to improve myself.

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    - Dr. Mohan V. J,

  • Prof. Hampana

    The institution celebrated Kannada rajostava in a very meaning full way and it will remain in the memory of all for life time. Thanks to the management. It will be an example to other institutions.

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    - Prof. Hampana,

  • Dr. Ali Azam Khosravi

    I am glad to be here and see our Iranian students studying in a good atmosphere with applicable equipments and facilities.
    I thank you for your hospitality to our students and hope for the better Indo-Iran scientific co-operation.

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    - Dr. Ali Azam Khosravi, Iran Embassy
    New Delhi

  • Dr. Ravindranath

    Impressed with the facilities for patients like MRI / CT / Dialysis and for students library & Research lab are state of art facility. All the best and has potential to become very good institute.
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    - Dr. Ravindranath, Doctor

  • Dr. Saurabh Guleria

    Thank you for the hospitality , very impressive faculty and facilities in the hospital.
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    - Dr. Saurabh Guleria, Doctor
    UAB USA.

  • Professor Rebecca Ivers MPH, PhD

    Wonderful hospitality and delight to visit this well organized & resourceful Institute. Looking forward to collaborate into the future.

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    - Professor Rebecca Ivers MPH, PhD, Director
    Injury Division, The George Institute, Sydney.

  • Dr. David Koppel

    Wonderful to be here in Bangalore wonderful hospitality and good service

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    - Dr. David Koppel, Glasgow Royal Infirmary, UK
    Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons, Glasgow, U.K

  • Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

    Delight visit RRMCH Great Institution with Good Heart

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    - Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Former President of India

  • Mr. John Cooper

    Fantastic facilities and a wonderful visit.

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    - Mr. John Cooper, COO
    Royal College of physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow, UK.

  • Prof. Dr. Francis G. Dunn

    What outstanding progress you have made. You now have an institution of excellence. Congratulations to all.

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    - Prof. Dr. Francis G. Dunn, President,
    Royal College of physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow, UK.

  • Prof. A.N Rai

    Very Impressive Infrastructure and facilities providing health care at a very variable cost to the public. The Education wing is “A” grade with very good quality control. Good Academic ambience. The chairman’s Vision is praise worthy.

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    - Prof. A.N Rai, Director,

  • Dr. Mylswamy Annadurai

    My second visit to the campus for the 4th convocation. My visit has made me very humble.
    My best wishes to Management, Staff and Students.

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    - Dr. Mylswamy Annadurai, Program Director,

  • Dr. Asha T.H.

    An Excellent programme and good arrangements.

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    - Dr. Asha T.H., District Progr. Officer,
    District AIDS Prevention & Control Unit, Bangalore.

  • Dr. K Ananda Kannan

    I came to this hospital on 3rd Feb’15 morning with agonizing pain, anxiety and pain due to the dislocation of my left shoulder. My apprehension was that none of my family members were with me, but the swiftness and the speed with which the remedial measures were taken was phenomenon within the golden hour period, the shoulder dislocation was put back to the normal and the pain disappeared like a magic. The post of care that I spent for 24 hrs in this hospital was equally adorable and the supporting staff looked after me like as one of their family members. My appreciation for the highest care of profession that has been exhibited.

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    - Dr. K Ananda Kannan, Former Vice Chancellor,
    Tamil Nadu.

  • Dr. Moola Anuradha

    Had an opportunity to visit RajaRajeswari Hospital to Inaugurate CME on glaucoma update. I appreciate the department of Ophthalmology for their performance.

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    - Dr. Moola Anuradha, Joint Director, (Ophthalmology),
    Directorate of Health & Family Welfare, Bangalore.