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Chairman’s Open Letter-3

  • 13
  • Nov

Chairman’s Open Letter-3

Glad to be back and I would like to thank you all for the overwhelming response that I have received for my letter. Your feedback is really invigorating.

As a parent you want your child to choose a college that will lead to a fruitful and exciting career. But how do you help with this decision without taking control?

If you’re a parent of 10+2 student, you’ve probably become just as engrossed in the college search process as your child. Let me try and help you so that your child chooses the college that is best for his or her career requirements.

Parents and College

Take a step back and realize that this is your child’s decision, first and foremost. You should be there to help your child along the way, but let this be the time to start letting her/him make her/his own choices.

While your child may say he/she wants to complete the search independently, he/she is probably in need of some parental guidance in making her college decision.

In order to choose a college, you and your child should ask the following questions about the nature and quality of the schools in which your child has an interest. You may also find answers to these questions in the colleges’ websites or brochures.

The Nature of the Education Offered

What is the philosophy of the college, and what kind of educational programs does this college offer?
Ask about the college’s specialties, which types of courses/classes the college offers, How many students study in each area, and what do they do when they graduate?

The Quality of the College

Have other students who have gone to this college liked it? What has their experience been? Colleges should be able to refer you to current students or recent graduates of their programs. These individuals can give you their opinion about classes, facilities, the faculty (teachers), and the skills they have learned.

What kind of facilities does this college have? Are they adequate for my child’s needs? You and your child should consider the condition of classrooms, libraries, and hostel facilities, infrastructure, when choosing a college.

It can be stressful time for the parents when their children search for a right college to join, as it is one of the most crucial decisions in their life. It is better to take the advices and suggestions of other parents before your child consider joining a college, which in turn will make the process smoother.

There are few things that you need to consider before embarking upon this.

  • College search usually takes time and energy
  • Finding the right match among many colleges and universities is essential
  • Let college information stand on its own initially. You can get reliable basic information through the college websites and brochures.

I am sure that you and your child will make the right decision, with the vast information available at your finger tips through internet. I would like to conclude this letter, believing that I have achieved the purpose of writing it. Thank you

Sri A.C Shanmugam